Educational Programs

Sederos Nuevos/New Paths Residency with Latino Elders

Summer 2017, Teatro del Pueblo is launching Sederos Nuevos/New Path Residency, a 12 week residency for Latino elders at Ebenezer Tow Apartments and Legacy Day Care Center. The Residency will engage participants through personal memories and childhood songs and games in the creation of dramatic work. Activities will include community-boiling and story-sharing exercises that will help them devise and rehearse a final performance. This is the only program of its kind, inviting Latino elders to engage in culturally specific art that values their roles and traditions, provides creative nurturing and counters isolation.

This program is also a unique training opportunity for teaching apprentices who are new to work with older learners, and will receive ongoing Arts & Aging training throughout the summer months. As part of it’s mission, Teatro del Pueblo is committed to educating Latinos, as well as non-Latinos about Latin American culture through the arts. 

Raices Youth Residency:

Creativity & Stop Motion at Centro Tyrone Guzman

In summer 2016, students in the “Raices Youth Program” at Centro Cultural Tyrone Guzman, successfully completed the Creativity & Stop-motion 6-week residency. The project, led by Alberto Justiniano and _____, allowed students the opportunity to create a number of short multimedia storytelling pieces, using stop motion, sound and video. The pieces depicted themes inspired by challenges youth face in their own lives. Two of the projects were selected to be exhibited at the 2016 Minnanimate Festival on September 8th, 2016 at St. Anthony Main Theaters in Minneapolis. We are so proud of our students!


Acting With Great Gusto

A musical theater performance

directed by Teatro del Pueblo


Acting with Great Gusto was a class for older adults (55+) that took place over Fall 2016. Students shared their work at a lively presentation on Sunday, November 6 2016 at the George Latimer Central Library, 90 W 4th Street, Saint Paul. 

They were joined by Alan Serrano, Ryan Cameron and Tomas Simpson who performed classical guitar music and by the Ensemble Morenica, a Sephardic music group.


El Retorno: A play inspired by el Día de los Muertos

Senior Theatre project at Centro Tyrone Guzman

unnamed-1Fall 2016, Teatro del Pueblo collaborated with Centro Tyrone Guzman on a 10-week inter-generational performance project created and developed by a group of elders inspired by “El Dia de los Muertos”. The piece touched on the interconnectedness of birth and death in the context of our modern world. The residency culminated with a production and a panel discussion Oct. 28, 2016 at 6:00pm at the Minneapolis Institute of Art auditorium.

As part of Teatro’s mission to serve our community, Teatro is committed to engaging older adults throughout Minnesota in the performing arts. We continue to develop programs to serve this particular community, especially elders of color. This mission deeply informs our ongoing programming for elders from Centro Tyrone Guzman, with whom we have worked since 2011. Teatro has also held “Acting with Great Gusto” theater classes for older adults at the Plaza Labor in St. Paul and St. Paul Central Library. 

According to Al Justiniano, “working with elder actors is a wonderful experience. They have so much to say and teach us. If we could only bottle up their collective experiences and pass it on to upcoming generations to interpret within the context of their own realities, the world would be a better place.” 



Shadow Puppets created by Ann Sawyer-Aitch were used in the performance.


The final scene of a rehearsal run-through before the official show.


Teatro del Pueblo is committed to spreading cultural diversity in the arts. Geared toward a broad range of students from elementary age to the college level, our educational programs offer an assortment of touring productions, theater residencies and after-school programs.


Touring Productions
We offer a number of touring shows for different ages. Our productions are all of the same high quality and standards that we pride ourselves with in our artistic season. The shows engage, entertain, and educate the community about Latino culture. Each show is followed by a post-show discussion. In addition, we offer educational study guides upon request.


School Residencies
Facilitated by our trained artists (for elementary, middle, and high schools)
Our curriculum-based residencies emphasize such subjects as literacy, Spanish language skills, history, diversity and creative drama. Teachers and artists work together in developing the residency’s focus in order to meet the needs of the classroom. Our goal is to create cross-cultural bridges through the arts while fitting in to Minnesota curriculum standards.


For shows in our Artistic season, we offer specially priced student matinees.


For more information, call Al Justiniano at (651) 224-8806 or email