Works In Progress

Through an award from the Joyce Foundation, Teatro del Pueblo along with our collaborative partner Pangea World Theater will present the Latino Asian Fusion Series.

Two playwrights have been commissioned to create new works that highlight the intersections, relationships, and influences that exist between Latino and Asian cultures. Aravind Enrique Adyanthaya’ and Minnesota’s own Marlina Gonzalez are the playwrights contributing works to the series.










The first work “Bandara” by Aravind Enrique Adyanthaya  was staged in May 2014. “Bandara” explores, through different episodes, legends, beliefs and motifs associated with the figure of the monkey in the cultures of India and Puerto Rico.










The second fully staged play will be Isla Tuliro by Marlina Gonzalez. Isla Tuliro (Island of Confusion) is a metaphorical play about an imaginary island of creatures whose idyllic lives are plagued by the arrival of strange new animals to their shores. Adapted from the Filipino children’s fable The Lion, The Eagle, and The Little Mice, Isla Tuliro references the amalgamating affects of colonization on the language and culture of the Philippines today.








Curious by José Cruz González  is a newly commissioned play by Teatro del Pueblo. Curious is a play for young audiences exploring Latina women in science.  Curiosidad is a troubled young girl who has had to move to a new school and move in with her estranged grandfather, Tata Rico. Curiosidad meets Ms. Jones, a no-nonsense staff member at her school who loves science.  Slowly the pair becomes friends and Curiosidad discovers the world of science and how to mend old family wounds.