Teatro del Pueblo announces auditions for its June Production of Real Women Have Curves, written by Josefina Lopez and directed by Adlyn Carreras and Lelis Brito.  We are seeking 5 non-equity actors to play the following roles:

Ana:  The young feminist and recent high school graduate
Estela:  (mid 20’s-mid 30’s) the owner of the Garcia Sewing Factory, behind on her payments, kind but hardworking
Carmen:  (mid 40’s to mid-50’s) the oldest of the women, mother of Ana and Estela
Pancha:  (any age over 25) Smart, sassy, and comfortable with herself
Rosali:  (any age over 25) Acts as the mediator of fights within the group and is constantly dieting

Auditions will take place on March 18th from 6-8 pm at Pangea World Theater.

Doors open at 5:30 to warm-up and register.  The audition will be conducted as a workshop in which we will play theater games, dance a little, and play with some of the text. Ability to speak or learn Spanish desired. Seeking women (both cis and trans) with lived experience in Latin culture. Rehearsals begin in April and all positions are paid ($2,500-$3,500).

All participants will need to be vaccinated and masked for the audition.

To register, email


If more than 10 people register, we will hold overflow auditions on March 19th and 20th.


Se buscan dos intérpretes quienes hablan español y quienes se ha desarrollado en el baile, atletismo, u otra práctica de movimiento. Se completará una semana y media de ensayos en Marzo desarrollando una escena dentro de la obra Los Profanadores de la Calle Arenas, creado y dirigido por Lelis Brito para el Teatro del Pueblo. Est@s intérpretes puede ser de cualquier género, y deben sentirse cómodos con ensayos físicos. La escena que se desarrolla incluye interpretación rítmica de palabras y coreografía. Se completarán 7 ensayos de dos horas, y en el último ensayo se presentará la escena completa de aproximadamente 5 minutos para un público máximo de 10 personas.

Pago: $250

Interesados, favor escribir un email a: para agendar una charla con L.Brito.

Audition Notice

Romeo and Juliet auditions are right around the corner. This new adaptation looks at the hardships in current times with this classic tale as a guiding point. Union and Non-Union actors and POC encouraged to audition.

When: Auditions will be held late May, early June. Check back in May for more details!

Where: TBA

Teatro del Pueblo is an equal opportunity theater. All are encouraged to audition.



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