The Adventures of Juan


Written by Elle Toni and Anna Kunin

Appropriate for Pre-Kindergarten to Elementary School Audiences

This puppet show tells the story of a young boy who is ashamed of his Chicano heritage. One day, while watching over his grandmother’s corn, he embarks on a journey to save the garden with mythical figures from North and Central America, like Paul Bunyan and Quetzalcoatl. With the help of these figures, he learns a greater appreciation for his culture.

To book your Adventures of Juan for your summer festival, contact Claire Frederick and or call 651-224-8806 M-F 12:30-5pm. 

Marriage 1

Help Wanted 

Written and Directed by Virginia McFerran

Appropriate for High School to College Audiences

This one-act play tells the story of impoverished immigrants who come to Minnesota to seek a better life and to help their family in Mexico. Three actors playing multiple roles present scenes depicting life in Mexico, a dangerous border crossing, unionizing efforts, detention by the INS (currently known as ICE), and demonstrations in support of the hotel workers. This satirical piece demonstrates the plight of workers whose labor is needed in Minnesota, but who risk harsh treatment and inequities when trying to fill this need.

Teachers can’t say enough about Help Wanted! Learn why this is our most popular touring piece: “Last night’s performance was definitely very informative and thought-provoking.” -Susan Blancoigels. “The work that Teatro does is so vital and so engaging. My students had a great time, and we continued a discussion of the issues raised once we returned to a class.” -Ebony Adams. The story of Help Wanted is based on real events.

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