Teatro del Pueblo has a variety of different productions as well as events throughout each of their seasons. Check out this season to see the variety! Click on the picture to be taken to the full album.

Swimming While Drowning

by Emilio Rodriguez

May 14th-19th, 2016

Penumbra Theatre

Women of Ciudad Juárez

By Christina Michaus

Directed and Translated by Jimmy A Noriega

April 22-23, 2016

Penumbra Theatre

Workshop: New Encounters Artist Training Initiative 

Voice Teacher-Mira Kehoe

April 17-18, 2016

Teatro del Pueblo

Our goal is for you to continue honing your craft, by learning new techniques!

Movement and Ensemble Workshop

Instructor- Depankar Mukherjee (Pangea World Theater)

February and March, 2016

Ferdinand the Bull

A collaboration with the Minnesota Orchestra

January 13-21, 2016

Minnesota Orchestra Hall

Here’s both drama and music—as The Story of Ferdinand is brought to life by Teatro del Pueblo. This beloved children’s book by Munro Leaf tells the story of a bull who would rather smell flowers than fight in bullfights. Also on the program: the Orchestra will perform selections from Bizet’s lively Carmen suite as well as Mozart’s famous Jupiter symphony. Visit the Minnesota Orchestra for details about this fantastic music experience.


Performing Power Class

Instructors- Ben Krywosz and Jerry Rubino

January 2016

In collaboration with Nautilus Music-Theatre and Mu Performing Arts

A five day intensive that specialized in Voice and Music!

Dia de Los Muertos

October, 2015

Movement Workshop




Antígonas: Tribunal de Mujeres

Tramaluna Teatro

Presented in collaboration with the Iberoamerican Studies Series




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