Teatro del Pueblo promotes Latinx culture through the creation and presentation of performing arts, developing and supporting Latinx artists, providing educational opportunities for all to experience Latinx culture, and fostering cross-cultural dialogue.



Teatro del Pueblo podcast, featuring Coco's Barrio musical troupe.

Teatro del Pueblo’s artistic vision is informed by our desire to create a fusion of cross-cultural artistic expressions, understanding the extent to which other cultures intersect with Latin American, Latinx, Chicano and Meso American culture and histories.

Because of our dedication to a fusion of diverse cultural aesthetics, conventional mediums of expression cannot confine us. We give our artists and collaborators the freedom to redefine original theatrical forms and artistic expectations, creating fascinating fusions out of which emerge new cultural aesthetics.


Our productions and projects over the years maintain examples of the artistic visions and cultural aesthetics that define our work.

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