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LatinX OnAir with a Satirical Flare. A Cross Between SNL and Old Time Radio.

JULY 2021

Listen to our latest Coco’s Barrio episode: DACA Rising, a tribute to our Dreamers who deserve to call the US “home."
Our musical guests include Alfama Duo performing their unique style from progressive rock to fado and flamenco, satirical parodies by Teatro del Pueblo’s acting troupe, and much more.
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FEB 2021

As the earth cries out for help and warns us about an unsustainable future, will we humans rise up to the challenge or will animals need to take the reins to save the planet? 

Featuring musical guest Ina Yukka and an interview with local Twin Cities artists Xavier Tavera and Tina Tavera, this episode isn’t one to miss!

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This episode of Cocos Barrio: Save the Planet was written by Alberto Justiniano and Silvia Pontaza in collaboration with the cast. Directed and produced by Alberto Justiniano. Associate Producer: Barry Madore. Hosted by Silvia Pontaza. Special Guests: Tina Tavera and Xavier Tavera. Musical Guests: Ina Yukka. Teatro del Pueblo acting troupe: Maria Isabel Gonzalez, Silvia Pontaza, Ernest Briggs, Kylan Rainbow Kier, Yvonne Fresse, Cathy Piñeiro, Abel Piñeiro. House Band: Vladimir Garrido, Miguel Gonzalez and Mauricio Sanchez. Sound Engineer and Sound Mixer: Barry Madore. Production Manager: Emily Remi Remmey. Social Media and Marketing: Emily Meenan. Special thanks to Pangea World Theater. This show was made possible by contributions from The Knight Foundation and The McKnight Foundation.

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Ina Yukka music and contact:
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These episodes of Cocos Barrio celebrate the Holidays with Latin American Christmas music, satirical content, and an interview with Tony Machado.


Featuring an interview with Ruby Lee, CLUES and LatinoLEAD President.

"The Work that Teatro does is so vital and engaging." -Ebony Adams

Teatro del Pueblo is proud to stand beside Penumbra Theatre, Mu Performing Arts, New Native Theatre and Pangea World Theater as a member of the Twin Cities Theatres of Color Coalition (TCTOCC). The coalition formed to build knowledge, capacity, and take action around the challenges and opportunities of diversification in the American theatre. We lead conversations, making available the wealth and depth of knowledge housed in our theatres through the dissemination of tools, practices, and consultation to bolster responsible and accountable engagement around the representation of our communities.



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