Join us in celebrating rich Caribbean traditions October 7-15 at The Gremlin Theater in St. Paul. Featuring:

-Hecho En PUELTO Rico! A comedic theatrical performance recently featured at Lincoln Center

-A FREE public reading of The Chrysalis, a new play by Miguel Fiol and Joe Moses.

-A Live Music Event


Coco's Barrio: LatinX On Air with a Satirical Flare.

A Cross Between SNL and Old Time Radio.

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Teatro del Pueblo is proud to stand beside Penumbra Theatre, Mu Performing Arts, New Native Theatre and Pangea World Theater as a member of the Twin Cities Theatres of Color Coalition (TCTOCC). The coalition formed to build knowledge, capacity, and take action around the challenges and opportunities of diversification in the American theatre. We lead conversations, making available the wealth and depth of knowledge housed in our theatres through the dissemination of tools, practices, and consultation to bolster responsible and accountable engagement around the representation of our communities.

Maria Isabel Gonzalez

"Experimenting with different styles, political topics that represent the struggles of our communities, and creating as a collective are just a few ways Teatro Del Pueblo has embraced and cherished the sazón different artists bring to their work. I am truly thankful for Teatro Del Pueblo as it is a way to make our voices heard and a way to spend a creative time with (as Alberto always says) - !Mi Gente!" - Maria Isabel Gonzalez